Unlock your true business potential with a Northwood franchise

It truly is an exciting but challenging time within the world of property currently. With predictions of both the sales and letting markets continuing to present both opportunities and threats, no more than ever, you need every advantage that you can get.

As an independent agent, you may be feeling the pressure of the current market, regulatory and competitive forces. This is where joining the Northwood nework as a franchised business allows you to gain the full benefit of our expertise, efficiency and experience.

  • Additional and lucurative revenue streams. The Guaranteed Rent service has been the cornerstone the growth and success of Northwood. It creates both a unique selling point and generous margins vs. other lettings services.Additional revenue streams can also be made from conveyancing and insurance.

  • An in-house legal department and compliance department. With over 140 Government statutes and regulations that apply to lettings, staying compliant can be difficult - not with Northwood. 

  • Centralised accounting, systems and IT support. With 20+ years experience, Northwood have highly streamlined processes and systems - allowing you to get on with generating new business.

  • National advertising, supported with local marketing resources. Benefit from being part of a recognised brand and stand out from the crowd. National advertising includes TV advertising, radio, online digital and PPC.

  • Large, exclusive territories.Northwood territories which are based on postcode coverage, are significantly larger than many other franchise business models

  • Hands on field and management support. Converting to the Northwood brand comes with regular visits and support from our experienced field team. Strategic business support from senior management is also readily accessible.

  • Access to the support and advice of 85 non-competing franchisees. Access to the Northwood intranet means any idea, supplier proposition, trending news or opportunity can be raised for group discussion and input.

If you're interested in finding out more about becoming part of the Northwood network, fill in your details to get a brochure or contact us at enquiries@northwoodfranchises.co.uk

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