Of course we provide all the normal range of estate agency services of sales, lettings and property management but it's our Guaranteed Rent service that really sets us apart from our competitors.

A unique selling point

Businesses often claim to have a unique selling point that differentiates them from competitors, but we genuinely do. Where more traditional lettings businesses act as the go-between for landlords and tenants, under Northwood's Guaranteed Rent service we effectively become the tenant and in return pay the landlord a fixed rental income. This has significant advantages for the landlord who no longer has the responsibility for managing the property and more importantly the prospect that the rent won't come in. It's a winning formula.

So how does a Northwood Franchisee make their money?

Whilst guaranteeing the landlord a set rent each and every month, we let the property to a sub-tenant at the (higher) market rate. The difference between the two is our income. The success of the formula lies in our ability to select the right properties that can be let quickly to the right tenants who will reliably pay the rent. As a business model Guaranteed Rent provides margins of up to three times that compared to other agents.

The benefits of Guaranteed rent each and every month for a landlord

  • even when the property is vacant.
  • even if the tenant fails to pay
  • No commission or set up fees
  • Its not an insurance policy - no premiums or exemptions
  • Reliable rent day payments
  • Guaranteed start date
  • Guaranteed annual income

More than 20,000 landlords can't be wrong